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Xcams.com is a provider that keeps what its name promises: This website gives you access to numerous erotic live cams, among which you can find something for every taste at any time of the day or night. The start page greets you in an extraordinary purple and with the information how many live cameras are currently online. It seems open, friendly and transparent - so like a good start.
How does the login at Xcams.com work?
When you visit Xcams.com for the first time, many details about the site should look familiar. Above all, of course, the little pictures that give you an impression of what's going on at Xcams.com. The color scheme is very nicely designed, and at the very top it clearly shows how many live cams are currently available. At the top right you can also change the language.
First you have to take note of the mandatory youth protection notice and confirm your age by clicking on it. Then you have free access to the start or main page of Xcams.com. It is positive that the protection of minors is more than a necessary, but quickly ticked off minor matter. At the bottom there is even a reference to the possibility of being able to block explicit content from minors using the “Netnanny” tool. 
Now you can also get a first impression here. First of all, it is noticeable that the mini images of the models are not screenshots from a current live show: if you move the mouse pointer over them, you can leaf through a few images of the respective model. So you already know roughly who you are dealing with.
A click on the model opens a new window. However, this is not, as you may know from other erotic cam sites, an open chat of the model. Instead it is more or less the "offer" of the model:
You will be greeted in a friendly and sexy manner via a video sequence, along with the model's personal information. Name, age and language skills are clearly listed here. So you know exactly where you are.
The price list of the model can also be found here, under the video screen it continues with a personal short profile and a few sexy shots. 
Is the use of the Xcams.com offer free of charge?
No. You can visit and browse the site for free. But if you want to chat erotically, you will be asked to pay for it - of course in advance.
You can't expect bargains at Xcams.com, but full cost control: 
You will find information on the costs in the profile of the model of your choice. These can vary:

  • Video recordings are usually the cheapest
  • you pay a little more for the private show,
  • as a voyeur (i.e. to look through the virtual keyhole) you will be asked to pay even more and
  • for a VIP show (i.e. the undisturbed togetherness with the model) you pay the top amount.
You have various options for topping up your credit. Unfortunately, you will only find out which these are after your registration, for which you need a credit card. This is quite a high hurdle, but this is how Xcams.com checks that you are of legal age. When it comes to the protection of minors, Xcams.com is pretty strict.
The virtual currency at Xcams.com is called "credits"
Of course, you do not have to use up all of your purchased credit immediately. If you still have remaining credit, you should buy new credits after 3 months. Otherwise, there is a monthly fee of 10 credits to keep your account active.
How can you get full access to all features of Xcams.com?
If you have registered with your credit card, you get free access to the offer of Xcams.com. However, chatting or calling up erotic videos is only possible if you have enough credit for it. 
Who do you get to see
Of course, the homepage only shows a selection of models with whom you can actively chat. You can see which selection options you have directly on the start page without opening any menus.

  • Languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch
  • Gender: women, couples, shemales
  • Extra: Top New HD
  • Hair color: blonde, brunette, red-haired
  • Bust size : Small breasts, big tits
  • Figure: Slim, XL
  • Age: 18-25, 40+
  • Networked toys
How can you interact with the models?
Unfortunately nothing works at Xcams.com without credit. You can look around and shortlist one or more models. However, you can only really chat once you have registered and bought credits.
You then have the options

  • chat in open video chat,
  • switch to a private chat with the model,
  • to look into other private chats (look through the virtual keyhole) or
  • to have an exclusive VIP chat with the model, completely private and undisturbed.
Additionally, some models also offer pre-recorded video that you can stream but not download. 
The so-called "networked toys" make it possible to control the models' sex toys. So even from a distance you literally have it in your hand to really get the respective camgirl going.
Do you want to become a camsex star yourself?
Then you are spot on at Xcams.com. The provider offers you "only" 45% of your income (and is therefore in the lower range compared to other erotic cam sites). However, it is a site registered in Luxembourg, which appears to be very trustworthy, not least because of the German-language service, the attitude to the protection of minors and the transparent cost overview.
This also applies to everyone who would like to register as a model at Xcams.com. For this you will find a button "Become a model" in the lower area of ​​the website. A click on it opens another tab, which explains to you in a clear, transparent way what you can expect as a model at Xcams.com.
You will find three buttons on the website, each of which addresses individual questions. 
What do I get paid out?

  • 45% of the minute prices that users pay for the time they spend with you
  • 30% extra for all users that you recruit yourself.
  • Fast and regular payouts.
  • You have the choice between different payment methods.
Targeted traffic:

  • The network consists of sites like evelive, xcams, Cambabes and webcamsex.
  • These websites have huge amounts of high quality traffic from Germany, Europe and the USA with hundreds of thousands of members.
Working at home:
Do you want to work from home and decide for yourself when and how much you work?
Everything you need for this:

  • A computer
  • A webcam
  • A fast internet connection
  • A valid identity card

You also have to be of legal age, of course. 
It takes less than two minutes to fill out your registration and start making real money at camsex.
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