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one of the biggest cam site worldwide
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most fetishes are covered
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a lot of features WHEN you spend some credits
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interface available in many languages
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no FAQ
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pricing unclear
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almost no free features
Open LiveJasmin Great shows on the largest website of its kind
The Livejasmin website is one of the most popular of its kind. Anyone who is even rudimentary interested in erotic content on the Internet will at some point inevitably be confronted with an advertising banner on the site.
However, it is only at second glance that it becomes apparent that this is not an erotic dating site where you can meet nice amateurs to chat, flirt, chat and maybe also to date. is a site that is all about camsex. And, quite clearly: cannot afford to make its content available completely free of charge. Especially not if you include the huge advertising effort and the associated costs in the bill.
How does the login work?
As soon as you have entered the site, you already get an overview of the offer. The start page is literally overflowing with thumbs of camgirls who are currently available. 
So maybe you don't need a login at all? The matter becomes a little clearer if you just click on one of the ladies. What is now opening is not a live show, just a kind of teaser to give you a taste for it. So it is an endless loop in which you can get an impression of your counterpart. You cannot avoid registration here.
However, the registration is very straightforward. All you need is a free username and an email address. This can of course also be an anonymous address.
As soon as you have registered at Livejasmin, more extensive functions are available to you. If you now click on one of the pictures, you actually get access to the live camera. However, you can hardly see the actors in action: They loll around hot in front of the cam and give everything to make you horny. But it is only in the private chat that things really get down to business. The following applies: Whoever clicks on the “Start private chat” button first has exclusive access to the hot content. Of course there are costs for this. So you can hardly avoid buying credits.
Is there free camsex here?
Unfortunately, no. At first it is suggested to you that you can also have a lot of fun here for free. In fact, the way to the really hot shows leads over buying credits.
And before you can purchase the corresponding credits, there is an age check. There are two different methods available to you for this, both of which are said to be quick and uncomplicated.
It's nice to see that takes youth protection issues seriously.
What do the credits at cost?
The value of the credits, which are used as a means of payment at, is graduated: the more credits you buy, the lower the individual price.
There are many different payment options available to you:

  • Transfer
  • Credit card
  • Direct debit
  • PayPal
  • GiroPay
  • Paysafecard
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Bitcoin
The services you get for your credits vary depending on the performer and can probably also be determined by them. You have the possibility,

  • to participate in open chat,
  • start a private chat against payment of credits,
  • to open recorded video material of the respective performer against payment of credits or
  • looking into an existing private chat in exchange for the payment of credits.
Unfortunately, the whole thing is not very transparent: What service do you get for how many credits? Unfortunately, you won't find an FAQ button on the main page either.
Who do you get to see is (probably) the largest camerotic platform in the world. The offer is available in many countries. Therefore, the camgirls are not automatically able to speak English.
You have the option to search for the category you prefer:

  • Exclusive
  • girl
  • Hot flirt
  • Soul mate
  • Experienced women
  • Beginner
  • Amateurs
  • fetish
  • Female tranny

You can also choose according to the type of show:

  • Free chat
  • Private chat
  • Video call
  • Mobile Live
  • VIP show
  • 2-way audio
  • story
  • HD

Unfortunately, you are looking in vain for a more detailed explanation of what you can find or imagine in the respective area.
No further explanations can be found for other options, such as the price, the types of game offered, the language or optical attributes. Much is of course self-explanatory.
Important! The shown pictures of the camgirls are not a screenshot from the current live chat, but mostly archived material. If a camgirl can be seen there in white lingerie, the lady could possibly also wear black suspenders today.
How can you interact with the camgirls?
As a registered user, you can participate immediately in the public chat. But as soon as the lady wants to disappear into the private room, you're out. Unless you go into private chat with her or pay for it to get an insight into a private chat between the camgirl and another user.

Various options are available to you in the private chat.
  • Snapshots: You can take pictures of cool scenes and look at them later as often as you like.
  • Camera / Micro: You can also activate your camera and microphone yourself and make the chat even more exciting.
  • Vibratoy: Some cam girls use a special sextoy that you can take control of. 
Do you want to be in front of the camera yourself?
Livejasmin offers you the opportunity to become a porn or erotic star yourself and to present yourself in front of the camera.
To do this, however, you have to meet a few requirements:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • female or a tranny,
  • and have the necessary technology (computer with microphone and camera, sufficiently fast internet access).
In addition, of course, the setting is particularly crucial: If you show yourself in well dressed in a sexy atmosphere, you won't be left alone for long.
Does make any commitment?
No. Neither as a pure spectator nor as a camgirl are you obliged to do anything. You do not have to pay a regular membership fee and you are not obliged to have a certain number of chats within a certain time.
Data protection and protection of minors are very important to In addition, using is very discreet and secure. The name Livejasmin does not appear when debiting the account or credit card, so that you do not have to justify yourself in the event of an emergency.

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