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At you immediately get the full broadside: As soon as you have typed the address into your browser, you get to the start page with the almost obligatory pictures of hot camgirls. Protection of minors? Apart from the fact that a semi-transparent window opens in a lower corner, which indicates the content for adults, the protection of minors does not seem to play a central role. In theory, you can simply leave the "I agree" button on the left and move through the page like that. 
After all: The page makes a good impression, the models from the home page are pretty and sexy to look at, so you can give your thumbs up in these respects. 
At the top right you will be informed that you can get “120 free credits”.
How does the login work?
You can already collect the first impressions of the offer without registering or logging in. You can even ignore the youth protection notice.
It quickly becomes clear that uses a kind of traffic light system to display the status of the models.

  • Blue: The model is in open chat, so you can join for free and without obligation.
  • Yellow: The model is in a private chat. You have the option to look through the virtual keyhole, but you have to pay credits to do so.
  • Red: The model is offline, so you will have to try again at another time or choose a different cam.
There is also a symbol in the upper area of ​​the window that reminds of the reception symbol for WLAN. This will allow you to recognize a so-called "Multi User Show", which you can also only join for a fee.
As is so often the case, all you need is a free username and a valid email address. And in fact, you get 120 credits for your registration, which is completely free. 
Is the service free to use?
If the name of the site does whats the name is promising, then it should be. In fact, there are some areas that are accessible at any time without payment (and even without registration on your part). You can admire the models currently available according to the above traffic light system live at any time. In contrast to many other erotic sites of this type, you actually see something more from the Flirt4Free models than just a bored lolling on the bed.
In addition, you will be asked to pay, which is not really surprising. Flirt4Free also has to be profitable and the models invest at least time and energy. What you get for your money, however, only becomes apparent at second glance.
In open chat, for example, you can see a virtual thermometer in the cam window. At certain heights there are different keywords about what happens or what you get to see. The credits required for this are also available. If, for example, it is stated that the model shows her tits and next to it the number 120, this means: Only when 120 credits have been collected by paying all viewers, the model pulls blank around the top.

You can see the other costs via a price list at the bottom of the page:

Standard chat 1:1 with the model of your choice: 
30 to 60 credits per minute
Premium chat (exclusive 1:1 chat, without outside viewers or readers): 
70 to 500 credits per minute
Voyeur mode, i.e. looking through the virtual keyhole into a private show:
10 to 40 credits per minute
Multi-user, i.e. the video chat of several users with several models: 
10 to 120 credits per minute
Combo, the combination of private and multi-user show:
60 to 120 credits per minute
Featured shows, for example shows with real porn stars:
30 credits per minute, free for VIPs
You can also become a VIP user for $ 39.95 a month. In addition, you have to acquire at least 150 credits per month.
In return you get the following advantages:

  • Extended private chat options with the models
  • 200 free videos daily
  • Free access to featured shows
  • Unlimited access to recorded shows
  • Access to special VIP offers
  • 5% discount on all paid video offers
How can you purchase credits at
The prices for the credits at are staggered. 
120 credits are available free of charge when you register for the first time
180 credits + 135 credits bonus = 5.80 dollars
300 credits + 120 credits bonus = $ 23.20
1,240 credits + 340 credits bonus = $ 116
You can pay for your credit purchase with

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Instant Banking
  • maestro
  • Giropay
  • PaySafeCard
  • Safety Pay
  • Voucher
Who do you get to see
In the upper area of ​​the main page you can choose from different categories. 
These are

  • Live girls cams
  • Live guys cams
  • Live trans cams
  • Fetish

In addition, you can search for your individual wishes and preferences. 
In the line below you can narrow down your search for "Room Type" (type of chat) and "Models Language" (language of the model).
The same applies here, of course: Since these are live cams, it cannot be guaranteed that every preference can be covered around the clock. Overall, there are a large number of live cams at, where everyone should always find something. 
How can you interact with the camgirls?
As soon as you are registered, you can participate in the open chat of the respective model for free. Already here you theoretically have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the model herself.
In order to show you bare or particularly sharp facts, the model expects you to give a generous tip in most cases. Otherwise you have the option to withdraw to a chargeable private room with the model (and possibly other users). The prices for this can be quite different in individual cases.
What distinguishes from other providers?
At you can also look forward to numerous erotic live cameras. But not only that: As one of only a few sites, it also offers you access to videos from previous shows. If you are a VIP user, you can even admire them without limit. Almost hidden, but still there is's own sex shop. Here you will find everything your erotic heart desires, from condoms to sex toys.
Do you want to be in front of the camera yourself?
At you can become an erotic star yourself. For this you are wooed with the information that Flirt4Free

  • regularly wins industry awards
  • has been on the market for over 20 years
  • enables safe surfing and
  • offers 24/7 support.
A table also shows how much money you can earn as a model at With just 10 hours a week, you can expect an additional annual income of $ 48,000.

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