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Xvr.chat at least gives an idea of ​​what this is about through the ending of the domain: The site must have something to do with a chat.
If you enter the address in the line of the browser, you will first come to a purple window: "You must be over 18 and agree our terms"
With your consent, you will be taken to a start page that is visually reminiscent of many other sites for erotic webcams: Numerous snapshots of camgirls can be seen here, as well as some probably very important information:

  • The little word "online" indicates that the model is currently being admired live.
  • On the left side there are some symbols such as “3D / VR” (3D video chat), the symbol for the gender of the model and possibly a sex toy. 
  • The flags shown below immediately indicate which languages ​​the model speaks.
  • Next to it is the star rating. 
  • You can also see how long the model has been online and how many viewers are currently following him.
Up to this point, nobody else really provides more information. 
How does the login at Xvr.chat work?
The first look around is best done without registration or login. Even without registering by name on your part, you can simply click on one of the screenshots to go to the personal page of the respective model. 
As always, the largest area of ​​this page is the live camera, next to it is the public chat. 
Under the chat and cam window you can discover all kinds of symbols again:

  • Video fashion
  • Request private
  • Sex toy
  • Connect VR

In addition, you can select preset tip amounts from a line that you can send to the model. 
A personal profile and some previously recorded videos complete it.
As soon as you browse the site you will be asked to register again and again. This is very easy with a nickname, password and email address. If you confirm the email received there, you can access the offer from Xvr.chat.
And this offer not only appears to be more diverse than elsewhere, it actually is.
Is the use of the Xvr.chat offer free of charge?
Only in part. So you have the opportunity to admire the open chats and talk to the models there (often together with other users). In addition, the respective models likes to show something of themself, for example by lolling in front of the camera and slowly dropping the lingerie.
Of course, tips given by the audience are very welcome and encourage the girl to show more and more of herself. 
Many videos are also free of charge and have been declared accordingly ("Free VR Videos"). The 3D optics, i.e. virtual reality, can also be admired at Xvr.chat, sometimes even for free.
If you do 

  • Want to have a private chat with a model or
  • want to bring a virtual toy, i.e. a sex toy controlled by you, into the game,
you have to purchase enough tokens for this. 
You have various payment options for purchasing tokens. Unfortunately, the FAQ area didn't work during the test, so no more detailed information can be given here.
Of course, other offers on the site also cost money:
Xvr.chat has its own shop for sex toys. In some cases, these are also special sex toys that can be operated remotely, for example, or are suitable for virtual sex. For this purpose, Xvr.chat works with KIIROO sextoys, among others.
You can use these toys not only in connection with Xvr.chat, but also to stimulate (long-distance) relationships.
Obviously, Xvr.chat also has the mission to bring eroticism and sex to a new level. In any case, you won't find as much virtual reality as here on any comparable site. That definitely makes an impression!
In order to be able to get started in virtual reality in every respect, Xvr.chat has also set some affiliate links on its page, which you can use to get to offers for 3D glasses on Amazon. 
Who do you get to see
Xvr.chat has a large number of hot erotic models at the start, so you can actually find something at any time of the day or night. 
For such a excellent Camsex site one would expect, however, that one has more search options than

  • Females (women)
  • Males (men)
  • Couples / Groups
  • Trans (shemale)
Of course, the screenshots of the current live shows will help you a little bit further to filter the currently active models according to your personal preferences. It also helps a lot that, as described at the beginning, you can also choose the language, the type of display (2D / 3D) and, if necessary, virtual sex toys. Then all that remains is to find out the price of the model, and the erotic fun can really start.
How can you interact with the models?
The interaction with the models is nowhere as sophisticated as at Xvr.chat. Because here you can

  • participate in the public chat and just watch,
  • give tips in the public chat and thereby have a say in what happens,
  • retire to a private chat with the model and
  • if available, control a sextoy of the model.
The absolute highlight of Xvr.chat, however, is the virtual reality. While others only dream of VR sex so far, it has already become reality here. Thanks to the appropriate equipment, which you can easily get from Xvr.chat or its partner shops, you step into an artificial world with the model. Here you can have fun together in a very special way. The spatial distance between you really doesn't matter anymore.
Do you want to become a camsex star yourself?
Via Xvr.chat you have the opportunity to become more than that. Because this is not just about simple cam erotic, as you will find it with many other providers. Here you can become a star in 3D erotic and thus set yourself apart from many other erotic models.
Of course you have to do a few things for this:

  • You have to be of legal age.
  • You have to be showy and sexy.
  • You need a computer and at least one webcam, but preferably the right 3D equipment and remote controllable sex toys.
  • You need a sufficiently fast internet connection.
Xvr.chat is still one of the many Camerotik providers. Since the focus here is on virtual reality and the website is structured extremely elegantly, it should have a great future. If you join now as a model, you can participate super in the emerging success.
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