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Flirtmania welcomes you to a rather unusual domain: Somehow you expect a different ending than the ".plus". On the other hand, this is somehow a unique selling point of this site for erotic camsex. 
Otherwise it is noticeable how elegant and tidy the start page of is. Where you see numerous screenshots of the models elsewhere, you can see a midnight blue background on which a masked beauty smiles lasciviously at you. Otherwise, you will be explained in a few words what is all about. If you scroll all the way down, you can also select the language.
Do what you want!
The erotic video chat Flirtymania + is a private club for men who do not want to spend time on dating websites. All you have to do is choose one of our chat rooms. You can either remain a silent viewer and simply enjoy the webcam show or take part in it and become a director. ”This is how the German version of welcomes you. 
You will also be made aware of how Camerotic differs from the once popular phone sex and what you can experience with the hot camgirls. Flirtmania doesn't mince words. Nevertheless, the homepage is so discreet and elegant that you sometimes rub your eyes in amazement.
In any case, the cam page looks very personable - and a good first impression says a lot.
How does the login at work?
The home page mentioned has very few buttons. On the one hand, this is very pleasant because it is so nicely arranged. On the other hand, it quickly becomes clear that there is hardly any way around the "Test now" button. Unless you want to become an erotic star yourself, but more on that later.
On the next page it is immediately clear where you are: “Men's club. For members only. ”This is how writing makes it unmistakably clear. If you click on "enter" here, however, something strange happens: All of a sudden you find yourself on a website that you are already familiar with from other erotic offers on the net. And suddenly it seems very untidy here: On the left side there are various names (presumably from camgirls), in the middle you see pictures (screenshots from the current live shows?). In addition, there is a jumble of lettering, symbols and information that at first glance has nothing to do with. 
So just try it out. 

  • A click on the first little picture hides an invitation to watch "paid porn".
  • The second picture shows a hot girl and the information that unfortunately “© 124” is missing from the payment. Obviously, an amount has to come together before the girl turns on her cam.
  • With a third, arbitrarily selected image, the same information appears with the identical amount.
Then just left-clicked on the list of names. A camgirl is listed there with a name in Cyrillic script. Clicking on it leads to a large picture of her cleavage, including the information “If you want, report to level 4.” In addition, you can apparently send the bosom wonder a private message, like her picture or send her a gift.
A second, arbitrarily chosen name leads to a porn that really gets down to business. However, this can be paused, so it cannot be livesex. Another look shows a few pictures below the video, which also turn out to be links to porn. It's sometimes pretty awesome and free (you can get here without registering or logging in), but it's not camsex.
How to register here remains opaque for the time being. A click on the © symbol in the upper area (this is obviously the virtual currency at, but then leads you directly to the checkout: Mind you, you are not registered and not logged in, but you should here enter your credit card details. 
Kind of strange ...
There is no other payment option - and obviously no option to somehow register by name. If you attach so much importance to anonymity, that's actually quite nice. Then this should be emphasized.
Is the service free to use?
Obviously, this is at least partially the case. However, there is no clearly recognizable sorting of where you can find which content and what you may have to pay for it.
So there seems to be no other way than to simply click through the offer, best of course with a sufficient amount of ©.
Otherwise you can also find free content here, as the search is completely open to you even without credit.
Somehow you can't get rid of the feeling of rummaging through an unsorted flea market stall. This definitely has some nice offers, but you have to dig for a long time.
As for the free offers, free porn is a nice thing, of course, but it's not really spectacular. You can find porn of similar or even better quality elsewhere on the Internet, which you can also watch for free.
As for the paid offers: Unfortunately, it is not possible to see what you are actually getting for your money. In addition, you will not be informed anywhere about how the pricing at actually works. What do you get for how much ©? Terms and conditions or any info page that could answer such questions are unfortunately completely missing. In any case, even after a long search, they cannot be found.
Who do you get to see
On the site you can choose according to 

  • Live
  • Video
  • Photo

You can also choose the gender you want and choose a category. At least in the German language, they don't necessarily help:

  • Dating
  • Art
  • Swimsuit
  • Naked
  • Underwear

Such a selection leaves you at a loss. The gender (male or female) and the point “best publication” round off the matter. With the latter you can choose between "new" and "above". This probably means that you can either display the camgirls with the best ratings or the latest models. 
How can you interact with the models?
There are no explanations for this, but looking around answers a few questions. You can

  • look at photos or videos,
  • send the model a private message,
  • send the model a "present",
  • attend an open live show or
  • experience a private VIP show with the model.
Unfortunately, you have to find out more details yourself ...
Do you want to become a camsex star yourself?
You can also do that via But you have to look for a long time to find the way: In the header, which begins with “Live” on the left and ends with the term “Naked” on the right, you will see three points on the far right. A context menu opens here, which is overwritten with the word "Show".
At the bottom you will find an FAQ area with the keyword “How do you earn?” When testing the site, however, an error message always appeared, so nothing more can be said about the options you have as a model at
At first glance, appears to be playing in the top league of erotic cam sites. A closer look at the offer leaves one more than disappointed. 

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